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PROPHECY is simply the articulation of God’s words in the words of men. The word “prophet” means literally “one who speaks for” another, in this case, God. The prophet is given access by revelation to the mind of God about a particular situation, and then he proclaims it forth before others.

Our desire is simply for the prophets to discern the will of God for our lives, and to speak it forth; then the intercessors pray and declare that will into life; finally our worshippers give praise and glory to God for His incomparable greatness in accomplishing His will in our lives.


What happens when I paint prophetically?

God is our CREATOR and we are imitating His creative glory though an intimate relationship with Him. We are speaking in His unspoken language – heart to heart, spirit to spirit. Much can be shared and touched within us where words sometimes cannot reach or express. With art, an intimate and personal exchange goes on.

It is to ask for the Holy Spirit to tell me what to do and then I wait. Sometimes it is color. Sometimes it is just picking up the brush and starting somewhere and the movement follows. It is listening and obeying. There is much spiritual preparation - prayer and soaking and asking for God’s presence...and asking Him what His word is for us. Cleansing anything of mine out of my brain and continuing to do so throughout the whole process. It is necessary to stop when things stop flowing and continue to worship and pray always. It simply develops on its own.

Maia, a 9 year old girl, can paint prophetically. Children come from a pure connection with God, so when they paint they come by it naturally and have a great deal to share. When they try to express their experience with God and their command of the language is limited, they can paint. When Maia is properly prepared and asked to wait for God’s direction, she knows how to trust the Holy Spirit for direction.

We are imitating our God - Artist to artist.

Diane Coutu, prophetic artist

CLICK HERE to view more of Diane's Prophetic Art

CLICK HERE to view more of Diane's Prophetic Art

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